Northeast Elementary School
425 Winthrop Drive,
Ithaca, NY 14850

Lily Talcott, ​Principal

Main Office: 257-2121

School Fax: 257-8157

Attendance Line:

Nurse: 266-3559

Transportation Office:

Kids Count: 257-9400

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To join, click on the link, northeastpta-subscribe@
, and type "Please add me to the PTA listserv." in the subject line, mention your child's name and grade in the body, and the administrator will add your email address to our list.
The NE Enrichment Program is sponsored by the Northeast PTA.​

All participants must abide by the following guidelines and complete the registration form carefully. Incomplete Registration Forms will not be accepted!​​

Enrichment Participant Guidelines:
  1. Children will be sent home per instructions provided on the registration form.
  2. All children must be picked up from their enrichment teacher at 3:05pm, or in the front lobby. Please be on time to pick up your child! The enrichment program supervisors are not babysitters!
  3. No Refunds will be given unless the class is cancelled.
  4. If a child is disruptive, parents are late in picking up child, or payment is delinquent, the teacher has the authority to dismiss the child and no refund will be given.
  5. In the event of teacher illness, a school announcement will be made, parents and guardians will be contacted by phone, and children will be sent home as directed on the registration form.
  6. If your child will be attending school but will be absent from an enrichment class, please notify the school office at 607-257-2121, so we know that your child is accounted for and no time is lost searching for absent children.
  7. If your child has any special needs, please notify the enrichment teacher prior to enrollment. (You may call one of the enrichment coordinators if you need help contacting an enrichment teacher.)
  8. Your child is enrolled upon receipt of registration unless you have been notified to the contrary.
  9. Enrichment classes are optional. Students do best in classes that are jointly selected by the parent and child.

​​Registration Directions:
  1. Registration Forms will not be accepted if they are not signed by the parent/guardian. This is a legal release allowing your child to participate.
  2. Bus number MUST be included on the registration form.
  3. Fill out a separate registration form for each child.
  4. A separate check must accompany each class registration. Cost for supplies are included in the total cost.​
    - Write your child’s full name and class registration on each check.
    - Make checks payable to Northeast PTA enrichment program. ​
    - Please bear in mind that it may be 2 to 3 weeks before your check is banked!
  5. The registration form and payment must be returned to the Northeast school office.
  6. Scholarships are available. If you qualify for free lunch, the fee is $12 plus supplies. If you qualify for reduced lunch, the fee is half the listed tuition plus supplies. E.g. $55 (includes $15 supplies) means that the fee for a child entitled to free lunch is $27 ($12 + $15) and $35.00 ($20 + $15) for those entitled to reduced priced lunch. You may only apply for one scholarship per child in each enrichment session.
  7. Additional registration forms are available from the school office and online here.
  8. Your child is enrolled upon receipt of registration form. If the class is full or canceled your check will be returned to you.
  9. Class size is limited and applications will be processed in the order they are received.