Northeast Elementary School
425 Winthrop Drive,
Ithaca, NY 14850

Lily Talcott, ​Principal

Main Office: 257-2121

School Fax: 257-8157

Attendance Line:

Nurse: 266-3559

Transportation Office:

Kids Count: 257-9400

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PTA Contact List 

Executive Board

​Position,  Name,  Email,  Phone​
President:  Eglantina Lucio-Belbase  607-257-2010

Vice President:   Tina Bauersfeld  379-6015

Secretary:  Sarah Seroussi  sarahlseroussi@gmail.com646-460-2427

Treasurer:   Donna Wilczynski  607-339-5148

Committee Members

​Position,  Name,  Email,

Nominating: Laura Dolch,
Nominating: Kim Hall,

NE Listserv:  Lori Drake,​
NE Listserv:  Tina Baursfeld,

By-Laws:  Anne Schneider,​

​PTA Website: Carol Barry,

​NE Link (newsletter): Carol Barry,

​K Play Dates (summer) 2017:  Kelly Boyko,
​K Play Dates (summer) 2017:  Rebecca Holland,  

K Meet Your Teacher Day 2017:  Heather A. Fortenberry,
K Meet Your Teacher Day 2017:  Judy Ward, ​ 

​Membership: Yael Zucker
Membership:  Melissa Wallace​

PTA Council Rep:  Celest Ptak

Northeast Site Council:  Tal Cohen,

​PTA/Staff Liaison: Brian Goodman,

​5K Coordinator:  Eknath Belbase,

NE Credit Union:  Tina Bauersfeld,
​NE Credit Union:  Sarah Seroussi,
NE Credit Union:  Seth Schweitzer,

​BoxTops for Education: Darlene Campbell,

​5th Grade Camera Club:  Jennifer Kusznir,
​​5th Grade Camera Club:  Kuniko Okada,

​Yearbook Coordinator:  Tina Bauersfeld, 
Photographer:  Hobit Lefaye,

School Directory: Judy Morita,
School Directory: Jennifer Mimno,
School Directory: Becca Bowes,

​Enrichment Committee
Coordinator:  Melissa Hubisz,
Assistant: Ece Ence,
Registrar: Anne Thomes,
Treasurer:  Donna,

​School Pictures:  Kelly Boyko,
School Pictures:
  Celest Ptak,
​School Pictures:  Shawna Black,

​Family Portraits:  Tina Bauersfeld,

​Movie Nights:  Chris Pollock,
Movie Nights:  Steph Baker,

Halloween Parade:  Corinna Loeckenhoff,

​Book Fair
 Abby Thomas-Costello,
Coordinator:  Sarah Collins,
Committee:  Naomi Bewley,
Committee:​  Kathy Blankenship,

SilverGraphics:  Nan Jacques,
​SilverGraphics:  Tina Bauersfeld,

Home Games:
 Danette & Steve Johnson,
Coordinator/Registrar: Laura Dolch,

​Ski Club:  Joan VanVranken,

​Ice Skating: Linda McKeown,

​International Night
 Kim Hall,
Committee:  Simone de Lemos,
Committee:  Nan Jacques,
Committee:  Debbie Levy,
Committee:  Yale Zucker,
​Staff Appreciation Week

Coordinator:  Jessa Dauria,
Committee​:  Tal Cohen,
Committee​:  Kathy Blankenship,
Committee:  Randi Madrid,
Committee:  Kasey Tarantino,

Staff Appreciation Raffle
Coordinator:  ​Randi Madrid,
Committee:  Kathy Blankenship,

​Bike Safety Rodeo: Steve Johnson,

​Bike Helmet Sales: Crystal & Dwayne Bershaw,

 Randi Madrid,
Co-Coordinator:  Donna Wilczynski,
Committee:  Julie Hughes,
Committee:  Sarah Fishel,
Committee:​​  Sarah Seroussi,
​Committee:  Brian Rohan,

Ithaca SMArts
Coordinator:  ​Eglantina Lucio-Belbase​​,
Committee:  Eknath Belbase,
Committee:  Teresa Porri

Math Club:  Eglantina Lucio-Belbase​​,
Math Club:  Eknath Belbase,

Legos: Kathy Hsu,​​  

Chinese Language:  Jiang Zhao, ​

Language Club:  Simone de Lemos, ​​​​

School Supplies Fundraiser:  Naomi Bewley,​